At this, the man's ears were opened, and his tongue was loosened.
    Mark 7:35

The Mission Of Unmuted

Unmuted is a non-profit organization inspired by the millions of people worldwide who have lost their identity through suffering from traumatic experiences. The mission of Unmuted is to give victims of various kinds of traumatic experiences their voices back. In Mark 7:35, it says, ‘As the man heard Jesus speak, his tongue was loosened…” Unmuted believes that the power of Jesus Christ can loosen tongues, and set people free from the depression, fear, PTSD and other mental maladies that have muted their souls. Unmuted accomplishes this mission in the following ways:

• WORKSHOPS, LECTURES and SEMINARS on issues relating to PTSD, depression, shame, addiction, etc. in churches, prisons, schools, rehabilitative programs and other venues across the nation.

• LITERATURE / Michael Caparrelli, PhD has written a book entitled, “Pen Your Pain Into Parables: A Therapeutic Tool In Recovering From Trauma”. The book is available in January 2020, and he is available to conduct an accompanying workshop.

• WEBINARS / Unmuted offers a variety of webinars available on his Business Facebook Page, Michael A. Caparrelli,. PhD.

• ADVOCACY / Michael Caparrelli, PhD is in the process of starting an advocacy social media network for those living with the aftereffects of traumatic backgrounds.


Monster Mirror

by Michael A Caparrelli, PhD

“A fascinating, helpful exploration of one of America’s most frightening killers. It’s easy to call people bad. It’s not easy to ask, why. I highly recommend this book.” Dr. Daniel Amen, Founder of Amen Clinics

Chances are, you’ve already met the Son of Sam in movies, documentaries, books, etc. May I introduce you to David, a fellow human being with familiar vulnerabilities? The monster you met in print collides with the man I met in person. Irrefutably, the precious lives he ended scream from the graves about his barbarism. Yet, my 100 hours, 34 sessions with him will open your eyes to a guy who resembles your brother or friend.

Here’s David, a lifer at Shawangunk Correctional, who still scratches his head about what “possessed” him decades ago in a city that has mythologized his crimes ever since. May I warn you that when you meet David, you will not look into the eyes of a monster, but a mirror.

I present to you: Monster Mirror.

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