Michael Caparrelli, PhD holds a PhD in Behavioral Science with an emphasis upon addiction psychology, 16 years of pastoring experience and a working relationship with Teen Challenge for 17 years. He was the keynote speaker for New England and New Jersey Annual Spiritual Emphasis for several years, and will be the keynote speaker at the National Teen Challenge Convention next year. He delivers the message of God's restorative power in churches, prisons, universities, talk shows and men's conventions across the nation.

Most recently, he has written a book entitled, "Pen Your Pain Into Parables" (Foreword written by National President of TC, Gary Blackard). This particular book offers a biblically-grounded, therapeutic tool to recover from traumatic experiences by drawing power from the telling of your own story. The book is based on a clinically-recognized form of therapy known as Narrative Therapy. More importantly, the book is inspired by the verse of scripture, "(We) overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony" Revelation 12:11.

Michael Caparrelli, PhD is available to speak at your venue on a variety of topics. He is also available to conduct interactive, practical seminars on depression, ADHD, grief, addictions and other subjects from a biblical view. Most notably, he offers a seminar on RECOVERING FROM TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES that correlates with his book. The seminar empowers folks to discover and uncover their story through a redemptive lens and find healing in the process.

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